P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art artisan retail shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Art Around Towne  art walk every third Friday at 6pm to 9pm from June to August. This event is one of Northern Kentucky's largest community art walks. The event is free to the public and is located in the area around 19 N. Fort Thomas Avenue in Fort Thomas Kentucky. More information about this event can be found at: www.ArtAroundTowneFT.com

GREAT NEWS!!! You're invited to our Grand PRE-Opening  RE-Celebration!!!  

on June 25, 2016 1pm to 4pm

INKAA Education Program is the not-for-profit arts education organization behind the creation of the Art House in Fort Thomas. ​INKAA opened the Art House in November 2015.  The Art House, a 100 years old three story building, had over  72 independent artists and artisans, over 20 small artisan created businesses, and 5 organizations and partners that shared the Art House space for events, classes, and meetings. However, in May 2016 INKAA closed the Art House in Fort Thomas to developed a strategic partnership with Inspirado at the Madison Gallery in Covington (www.inspiradocov.com). Inspirado serves artfully delicious, eclectic global cuisine made by co-owner and artisan chef Baron Shirley. Inspirado is partly owned by Kentucky artist and UC biology professor Dr. Chris Green; Chris' focus is on the gallery portion of the restaurant (i.e., the Madison Gallery).  As the Executive Director of INKAA, Kentucky artist and college professor Dr. Parrish G. Monk and Dr. Chris Green of the Madison Gallery have decided to join forces to continue to help empower local artists and artisans and provide an accessible and uniques art experience for local creatives, collectors, and the local community. We are still renovating our new space above the restaurant and will resume our monthly art exhibits, classes, events, and art business seminars in July 2016.    

INKAA Education Program 501c-3 is in part:
•          An art business incubator ​that actively helps (for free) creatives navigate the "business side" of the art world
•          An art gallery focused on local artists and artisans from the Greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky areas
•          A local artisan retail shop with one-of-a-kind creations from local artisans
•          An arts education organization ​that engages and educates established, emerging, and aspiring artists 
•          And a volunteer run artists collaborative ​operated by local artists and artisans as partners

We are building/rebuilding something new(er/ish) and very exciting!   We are inviting all of our past and present supporters, guests, visionaries, innovators, creatives, and community builders to help us celebrate the emergence of a unique collaborative partnership between the Madison Gallery and the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program 501c3 (INKAA).

Event Description:

Working together with Inspirado co-owner and Madison Gallery founder Chris Green, INKAA is helping to renovate, reimagine, and reinvent the open space above the Inspirado restaurant; a restaurant that is co-owned by and headed by Chef Baron Shirley. Chef Baron’s cuisine is artfully delicious and eclectic global cuisine. 

Founded by artist Parrish Monk INKAA registered in the State of Kentucky as a not-for profit arts education organization and opened the Art House in Fort Thomas in November 2014.  INKAA’s mission is to provide equitable access to the arts and art business opportunities to established, independent, emerging, and aspiring artists and artisans from the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. As an art business incubator and arts education program, INKAA’s strategic partnership with the Madison Gallery will better help us to help and empower more local artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs.

This family friendly event is a special seed watering, visionaries welcome,  positive energy connecting, strategic thinking party/celebration with great art, great food, and great people. We want to invite you to see and be part of what’s coming next.  

We will have a list of our upcoming art classes, art business education seminars, gallery showings  including the future dates for  our new theme-based art exhibits beginning in July 2016. 

 Date and Time:  Join us anytime between 1pm to 4pm on  Saturday, June 25th   

 Location: Inspirado at the Madison  715 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011  (859) 761-7600

For more information about the new  INKAA Education Program and Madison Gallery please visit: www.
http://www.madisongallery.org  (our website is a work in progress).

For more information about Inspirado at the Madison or to see their menu please visit:




The Art House in Fort Thomascreated by

The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program (INKAA)