Let’s be real. There are a lot of talented hardworking independent artists and artisans out there that struggle with the business-side of the art world. We are sure that you have heard about the life threatening starving artists epidemic. Or maybe you believe that you even know a starving artist.  Well, like any entrepreneurial minded person, artists and artisans often face genuine obstacles when seeking support, resources, opportunities, and the funding necessary to continue their work, achieve success, and realize their dreams. Helping them to better understand, embrace and access needed resources, knowledge and opportunities is what will make the difference in them achieving success (however defined) or not. We are offering a fix for the starving artist syndrome. 

That is what the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program, Inc. 501c-3 (INKAA) has been doing since its founding in August 2014. Serving and engaging over 120 each we have grown tremendously; consequently, we need a new, larger and more accessible space to continue doing our necessary and good work.

This new space is called the Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop; a contemporary visual-arts space, art gallery, gift shop, art education program and art business incubator whose primary focus is to help empower and support emerging and aspiring artists, artisans and small creative businesses.   

Here’s the good news. While we are asking YOU to help us raise a minimum of $4,600 for our start-up cost and operational costs in our new space, INKAA was designed to be a lien, self-sufficient, non-profit art cooperative run efficiently by its volunteers and cooperative members.    We currently have at least 23 committed members ready to go! 


Consider This:

INKAA exists to support creatives and meet them wherever they are and to help move them forward, or backwards, to wherever it is that they want to be or need to be.
 Different creatives have different needs, goals and ideas when it comes to achieving success. However, we have found that there are common barriers to creatives achieving success.

First, many creatives need to a radical shift in their mindsets and views concerning their artwork, their value, the business-side and the art world in general. They need to move beyond the destructive and self-sabotaging starving artists mentality and behaviors that stand in the way of their success. 

Secondly, many creatives lack the time, energy or resources needed to pursue their goals. Often creatives could benefit from the knowledge, experience and wisdom of others such as a mentor, or a successful gallery owner, or an avid art collector. Accessing these people sometimes requires an intermediary, a bridge builder, or a targeted networking opportunity or at the least, an individualized plan or strategy . 

Some creatives lack the skills, motivation, work ethic or the resilience needed to survive and thrive in the art world. Fortunately, many soft-skills can be developed along with other skill sets to help empower and develop creatives into their full-potential. 

Finally, many creatives, especially those that don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs, struggle with understanding and embracing the business principles and business-side of the art world. 

INKAA has the resources and ability to help empower, educate and engage creatives from all walks of life and backgrounds. Because success is defined on an individual level, we individualize our targeted efforts to help meet specific needs.  

As evidenced in our shield, INKAA came into existence to adamantly fight against the mythology of the “starving artist”. 

What we Believe: 

INKAA believes that being a creative can be rewarding and even sustainable as part of one’s career path and not just a hobby. Moreover, INKAA understands the positive social, economic and even political impact that the arts can have on a local community; especially when communities value local artists and artisans and help support  small business owners.  

We need your help to continue helping empower others.
$4,600 gets us into our new space. 

Our fundraising Goal is a minimum of $4,600. Here is the general allocation of these funds.

Our start-up costs and initial operational costs include purchasing:  

  • Required deposit of $1,800 
  • new full-coverage business insurance specifically for the new space;
  • a new alarm and video camera security system  and monthly monitoring (or sponsorship for the system);
  • new display shelves and art display system (or gift cards to Lowe's or Home Depot to build our own );
  • larger/longer tables and chairs comfortable enough to host large art business classes and events (or donate the items in-kind) ;
  • a new point of sale system with inventory tracking and reporting (recommendations welcome);
  • front and rear window signage and permanent internal signage (or sponsorship for this items);
  • general office supplies, phone system and a new multi-use printer (or gift cards to Walmart or Target so that we can buy out own)
  • a new projector/ presentation system for art business classes, symposiums and artists talks (or gift cards to Walmart, Staples or Office Depot so that we can buy out own); 
  • legal compliance items such as business registration fees, legal posters et cetera.

Alternative In-kind Donations: 
*All in-kind donations (gift cards, vouchers, electronics et cetera) can either be mailed to: 
INKAA Education Program  
C/O Executive Director Parrish G. Monk 
2626 Jackson Rue
Union, KY 40191

or dropped off at:
Inspirado at the Madison Gallery
Attn: Dr. Christopher Green or Executive Director Parrish G. Monk 
INKAA Education Program
715 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY 41011

or feel free to contact Parrish G. Monk via email to make arrangements for an in-person pickup if you are in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. 

We also want to ensure that as we are building the cooperative to full-strength that we have the necessary capital for:

·         Stipends, presentation and marketing materials for guest speakers, guest artists and guest teachers;

·         At least 3 months’ rent at $900 per month plus;

·         At least 3 months’ expenses for utilities, internet and phone services at approximately $350 per month;  

Our Business Model: 

Our cooperative membership fees are $60 per month.We currently have about 20 interested cooperative members that have signed a letter of intent . The cooperative members keep 90% of any sales revenue that they make. As of now we do not have any paid staff or salaries to consider however, through future grant funding and donations we hope to create at least 3 new part-time jobs within the next two years.

Additionally, while we are utilizing a hybrid art cooperative business model (e.g., fee based) and we are designed to be lien and become financially self-sufficient we don’t want to live day to day or strictly be reliant on one revenue stream. We will host classes and public art events as well as continue to seek external grant funding, donations and resources as a not-for-profit arts organization.



The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!


The Lux Gallery is in it's infancy. Once we are able to raise the needed capital for our start-up costs and first quarter operational costs we are seeking to occupy a new more accessible art space by March 2018. The space is located in Covington's Art District near Braxton Brewery. 

​Please check out our GoFundMe fundraising campaign with the link below.