What people are saying about INKAA...

"The Vision for INKAA is very simple, creative people being creative and innovatively trying to help others achieve success in the art world; INKAA is one word-Needed!"  - Jon Voight, Artist and Arts Educator

"For years I have worked with many of the artists and artisans that will become founding members of INKAA. We all understand that this life that we have chosen or that has chosen us needs some sound business practices injected into what we are doing if we are to be successful...INKAA has come just in time!" - Joan Silus, Owner of Bracelets of Hope

Jennifer Fields-Summer — “I could not be more pleased that The Art House has found its home in Fort Thomas. What a beautiful place”.

Robert Sandal — “I have been an artists for over 40 years but never really embraced the business or technology side fully. The first day I met Parrish we talked about a lot of things, within 3 weeks of first meeting him he got me up to speed with selling my work online, social media, and he even built me a website for free....he didn't ask me for a dime! He simply told me that what we do here is help each other out”.

Ann Richards — “Happy to know the Art House has located in our community. Thanks to Debbie Buckley whose support and encouragement made it happen.”

Elaine Mayer — “People talk about equity, equality, diversity, inclusion and so on,  but the Art House is a tangible, living example of an organization that does all of that and then some. You have the work of famous, established artists right next to the work of emerging artists...no one artists gets more attention or promotion or different treatment than another. Now that's innovative”.

Andi Clarke-Eastwood — “INKAA is a wonderful addition to the Art scene and a fantastic asset to the community!”

Karen Butscha — “Art is EVERYWHERE! Art is ALIVE in Ft. Thomas at the ART HOUSE! The place to come for Relaxed viewing of great local art...meet artists...play in paint....expand your vision and your creativity! But mostly just have some great great FUN!”

Bill Dirkes — “A wonderful group of artists & artisans

Tonia Graves — “An amazing group of artists. Definitely a must see and a place for repeat visits.”

Julie Nugent — “INKAA is a wonderful addition to the community. A welcoming "home" of artist's and artisan's. Lending their time, talents and teaching others the beauty in creating art!!!”

Theresa Simos — “I love the set up of The Art House. The flow is very nice. So many artists work to see. You must visit...”

Alfonso Huckleberry — “INKAA is fantastic. Consider INKAA as a new neighborhood artist & artisan ambassadors. They are bringing fresh new art to the community and extending their skills to the community. Check out the building, look at the art and get to know the people making it all happen.”

Teri L. Chinen — “I am so thrilled that I found the Art House! I am so excited to see and purchase from the amazing local artists and take such wonderful courses to learn new mediums and techniques!”

Jay "The Real" Barker — “Never seen nothing like it. Truly innovative org model in the art world. Keep up the good work. Let me know how I can help.”.

                INKAA Education Program focuses on

  • job creation and economic opportunities for artists and artisans including assistance with small business and legal matters (filing taxes, applying for grants, seeking gallery representation et cetera);
  • offering regular art business education  programs for the general public, emerging artists, and students in art related fields;
  • expanding the public's interest and support of the arts, local artists and artisans, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and local economies;
  • developing networking opportunities and mentoring relationships for emerging artists and artisans;
  • offering inclusive art education programs and outreach for underserved populations and communities;
  • offering art education programs for  early childhood development, special needs populations, and the regions elderly population;
  • creating individualized service plans, strategies, and development plans, programs, and initiatives that support emerging  artists, the creative process, and the development of new ideas and new work.
  • Increasing exposure and sales for independent artists and artisans through regular art show and sales.
  • Community activism and regional stewardship efforts that promote the well-being, growth  and self-sufficiency  of community members
  • Creative solutions to helping resolve or contribute to resolutions for issues and concerns in our communities.

                           Organizational Overview

Founded by artist and adult educator Parrish G. Monk MBA, Ed.D, the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisan Education Program (INKAA) was incorporated and registered as a not-for-profit organization art education program in the State of Kentucky in August 2014. INKAA received its official IRS designation as a not-for-profit charitable organization (501c-3) on February 11, 2016.

INKAA is in part, a diverse art business incubator, arts education program, art gallery, artisan retail shop, and artists cooperative (collaborative) with a variety of engaging, educational, and exciting programs and activities.

In addition to its free business support services and art business education programs for independent artists and artisans, INKAA offers usable classroom and studio space to working artists.  INKAA represents and host approximately  20 small art related businesses, 4 arts and education organizations, and over 70 independent artists and artisans all from the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. 

Approximately 57% of our artists are from the Cincinnati metro and surrounding area and 43% are from Northern Kentucky and Indiana.  Approximately 59% of our artists and artisans are women with about 67% considered minorities in protected classes.  100% of our artists and artisans are considered local. We believe that we are the largest collaborative organization in the Greater Cincinnati area.


                                                                Company Overview

Offcial Name: Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program, Inc. (INKAA)

DBA: INKAA Education Program


Incorporated: August 5, 2014

Director: Parrish G. Monk, MBA Ed.D

Business Structure: lean and efficient volunteer run arts collaborative since November 2014

Areas of expertise: original handmade art, crafts, home décor, and functional art work from independent artist and artisans; art for public and private collections and installations;  fun arts activities for kids and adults; inclusive arts programs for special needs and underserved populations.   

The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

                                    Private Parties

Looking for a meeting space or a local space to host a small party or event? We can help...  We can host private art centered parties, birthday parties for kids,  meetings, and gatherings et cetera.

We can host private wine and paint parties, pottery painting parties, or crafting parties for groups up to 40.  

Contact us to discuss the details. (859) 866-2390  or email at INKAAorganization@hotmail.com

                                 Connecting you to the right talent...

Need some custom work done by a talented artist or artisan?  INKAA Education Program has a very diverse group of talented artists and artisans at the Art House willing to listen to your vision and create a custom piece of unique artwork for you. INKAA can connect you to the right artists  or artisan for your custom needs including:

  • Hand painted custom murals and artistic room décor
  • Portraits of individuals, families, and pets
  • Family Photographs
  • Custom designed paintings, art projects, and handmade jewelry for special occasion
  • Original art and interior decorations for office, public spaces, and home
  • Custom designed gift items, handmade greeting cards, and painted jewelry boxes
  • Vehicle detailing and decoration
  • Artistic welding and metal design

If you need something created just contact  INKAA Director Parrish Monk at (859) 866-2390  and he will do his best to connect you with the right artist or artisan.

                              Our Mission

Our mission is to provide equitable access to the arts and art opportunities to established, independent, emerging, and aspiring artists and artisans from the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.

We endeavor to educate, engage, and empower creative individuals in all stages of their creativity because we believe that human beings are essentially  and naturally creative and therefore need an environment that nurtures their creativity.

Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas and concepts. Creativity is about living life as a journey into seeing and communicating the extra-ordinariness of the simplest, most every day acts. Some creative people need help and support in navigating through the professional world of art and the business side of the art world. INKAA is that needed system of support for local independent artists, artisans and small creative businesses. This is why we exist...