The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!


Future art cooperative members 

•Al Harden (Photographer)

•Anthony Stollings  (Painter/visual Artist)

•Atlas Oils/ Barbara Hout Gheddari (Alternative & Holistic Health Services/Natural   Soaps, lotions, and beauty products)

•Baldeep  (Graphic Design/ Mixed Media Artist,/Sculptor)

•Brie Hiudt (Artisan Jewelry Makers and Fiber Artist)

•Ben Kazmarek (Visual Artist/Painter)

•Chris Green, Ph.D (Slasher Tees T-Shirt Design Company)

•Dena Hornsby (Ceramicist/ Mixed Media Artist/Artisan)

•Devan Horton (Painter/Visual Artist/ Mixed Media Artist)

•Derek Livingston (Visual Artist/Digital Arts)

•Ego  (Visual Artist)

•Jamie Lack (Visual Artist/ Photographer)

•Jamiyah Wharton (Poet/Writer/Musician)

•Jim Conroy  (Painter/Visual Artist)

•Jim Knight (Ceramicist/Potter/ Musician)

•Kristi Diana Williams (Photographer)

•Linnoir Rich (Painter/Visual Artist)

•Lisa Vaughn, Ph.D (Visual Artist/ Mixed Media Artist)

•Mike Mallory (Woodworker/Woodturner)

•Parrish Monk, Ed.D (Visual Artist/Painter/ Mixed Media Artist)

•Priya Banfa (Painter/ Mixed Media Artist/Henna Artist)

•Taylor Kopescha (Visual Artist/ Mixed Media Artist)

•Terry Fotch (Children’s book Author)