The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

We need your help to continue helping others.
$4,600 gets us into our new space. 

Our fundraising Goal is a minimum of $4,600. Here is the general allocation of these funds.

Our start-up costs and initial operational costs include purchasing: 

·         new full-coverage business insurance for the new space including liability, theft and renters insurance coverage;

·         a new alarm and video camera security system  and monthly monitoring (or sponsorship for the system). We need at least 5 cameras and a secure method to store digital data. We have two outside entry doors that need to be covered as well as at least 3 sections of the retail space. We would prefer a security system that can be remotely accessed and controlled ;

·         a keyless entry system for access from multiple members. Perhaps a key-lock box similar to what relators use on house being sold;  

·         new display shelves and art display system (or gift cards to Lowe's or Home Depot to build our own ). We can build this system ourselves with supplies from Lowes or Home Depot;
·         larger/longer plastic folding 6 foot/8 foot card tables  and 15 to 25 folding chairs comfortable enough to host large art business classes and events (gently used tables and chairs are welcome. Buy or donate the items in-kind) ;
·         a new point of sale system with inventory tracking and reporting (recommendations welcome). Must be to secure store cash, securely store customers data and print receipts;
·         front and rear window signage and permanent internal signage (or sponsorship for this items through a local printing service);
·         general office supplies, phone system and a new multi-use printer (or gift cards to Walmart or Target so that we can buy out own);
·         a new projector/ presentation system for art business classes, symposiums and artists talks (or gift cards to Walmart, Staples or Office Depot so that we can buy out own); 
·         legal compliance items such as business registration fees, legal posters et cetera.

Alternative Donations: 
*All in-kind donations (gift cards, vouchers, electronics et cetera) can either be mailed to: 
INKAA Education Program  
C/O Executive Director Parrish G. Monk 
2626 Jackson Rue
Union, KY 40191

or dropped off at: 
Inspirado at the Madison Gallery
Attn: Executive Director Parrish G Monk 
INKAA Education Program
715 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY 41011

or feel free to contact Parrish G. Monk via email at to make arrangements for an in-person pickup if you are in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. 

We also want to ensure that as we are building the cooperative to full-strength that we have the necessary capital for:

·         Stipends, presentation and marketing materials for guest speakers, guest artists and guest teachers;

·         At least 3 months’ rent at $850 per month plus;

·         At least 3 months’ expenses for utilities, internet and phone services at approximately $350 per month;  

Our cooperative membership fees are $60 per month. The cooperative members keep 90% of any sales that they make. Therefore, we are not reliant of revenue strictly from sales of artwork or store items.

As of now we do not have any paid staff or salaries to consider however, through future grant funding and donations we hope to create at least 3 new jobs within the next two years.

Additionally, while we are utilizing a hybrid art cooperative business model (e.g., fee based) and we are designed to be lien and become financially self-sufficient we don’t want to live day to day or strictly be reliant on one revenue stream. We will host classes and public art events as well as continue to seek external grant funding, donations and resources as a not-for-profit arts organization.  

Here's How You Can Help