The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

Our Story:

INKAA Education Program is unique the not-for-profit arts organization and art business incubator registered in the State of Kentucky as an arts education program. INKAA has served and supported over 100+ independent artists, artisans, and small creative businesses each year since its inception in August 2014. INKAA is in the business of helping empower creatives as entrepreneurs by helping them to better understand the business-side of the art world.

After closing the Art House in Fort Thomas Kentucky in May 2016 to developed a strategic partnership with Inspirado @the Madison Gallery in Covington ( INKAA has continued to grow its influence and positive impact on the community with monthly art shows, art business classes, community support activities and of course, fun and engaging arts events and activities for the public.   

​Our partner, Inspirado @The Madison Gallery, ​is a spacious art gallery with a fine dining restaurant.  Inspirado serves artfully delicious, eclectic global cuisine made by co-owner and artisan chef, Chef Baron Shirley.  Inspirado @The Madison Gallery is partly owned by Kentucky artist and University of Cincinnati biology professor Dr. Chris Green (a.k.a "Ego"). As an independent artist, Chris' focus is on the gallery portion of the restaurant (e.g., the Madison Gallery) and his new t-shirt printing business called Slasher Tees.  

As the Executive Director of INKAA, Kentucky artist and college math and business professor Dr. Parrish G. Monk and Dr. Chris Green of the Madison Gallery joined forces to continue to help empower local artists and artisans and provide an accessible, inclusive and unique art experience for local creatives, art collectors, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs,  and the local community in which they live and serve. Therefore, the art gallery is often referred to as the "The Madison Gallery powered by INKAA"; ​an important distinction when branding this unique partnership.

The Madison Gallery enjoys the benefits of being under INKAA's not-for-profit organizational status while INKAA benefits from the needed office and work space above the gallery and restaurant. 

INKAA continues to provide critical business support services to independent artists and artisans as well as free studio space for working artists; gallery experience for established and emerging artists; and most importantly, fun and engaging creative activities for the public.  

In essence, INKAA helps empower creatives as entrepreneurs by helping them to better understand, navigate and embrace the "business-side" of the art world to achieve success.