P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art artisan retail shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

  • Charities Guild of Northern Kentucky
  • Actress Amedria Murphy- Atlanta, GA
  • Dan and Lauren Bauer- Fort Thomas
  • Bill Dirkes and Cheryl Boccia- Fort Thomas
  • Kathy Forte- Cincinnati 
  • Donna Bowling- Cincinnati
  • Dr. Kim Lawless- Lexington
  • Marilyn Hoffman- Cold Springs
  • Teri Chinen
  • Marge Lotspeich
  • Artist Teresa Simos
  • Heather Vance Ruschmann- Heather Vance Photography 
  • Marsha Berry
  • Andre Colon -Cincinnati
  • Cindy Daly
  • Rob Heilman- Fort Thomas
  • Kathy Forte- Cincinnati
  • Cathy and John Miller - Cincinnati
  • Elaine Eversole
  • Jennifer Augelli- Cincinnati
  • Karen Loos
  • Rosemary Schuerman
  • Pam Brown- Cincinnati
  • Josh Berling- Fort Thomas
  • Chris Franzen Smith and Family Gallery to Go
  • Artist Bill Brown- Union, KY
  • Artist Annie Brown- Fort Thomas
  • Melissa Hacker- Fort Thomas
  • Artist Eugene Bob Mobarry- Fort Thomas
  • Artist Tony Rapp- Fort Thomas
  • Emily Wetterich Bach- Alexandria
  • Tyler Mobarry- Fort Thomas
  • Photographer Ryan Hill- Ryan Hill Photography 
  • Photographer Jennifer Fields Summers- Fort Thomas
  • Artist Mary Stein-  Stein Art
  • Artist Denise Trimbur- Alexandria
  • Stephen and Olga Lotspeich
  • Kristin Cropper- Fort Thomas
  • Jay and Kristie Dierig- Fort Thomas
  • Artswave-  Cincinnati Ohio
  • Dr. Chris Green

​​Letter from the Director

Greetings! While our business plan and long-term organizational development strategy was designed to ensure that we become a fiscally responsible and financially independent (self-sufficient) not-for-profit arts organization, l
ike many new organizations we are still growing, developing and evolving. The great news is that we have accomplished a lot during our first year and a half of growth with the support of our members, donors, and the local community.

To keep this mighty ship on the right course as an art business incubator, art gallery,  artisan retail shop, arts education program, artist collaborative, and social enterprise with the primary goal of helping to empower independent local artists and artisans in need of support, we could always benefit from partnerships and support from visionaries and forward thinking patrons. While monetary donations are always helpful there are many other more valuable ways to support the mission and efforts of INKAA.

While there are many worthy causes to support in your community you can make a difference in the lives of local artists and artisans as creative entrepreneurs by becoming a contributing partner to the success of INKAA, a truly innovative non-profit arts organization.  I would like to invite you to call me at (859) 866-2390 or to check out the FAQs section on our website to answer any lingering questions that you might have about us. Also, since we are merging together with the Madison Gallery in Covington in the Fall 2016 you can find out more information about this venture at www.MadisonGallery.org   

Dr. Parrish G. Monk

​Executive Director

The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program (INKAA)

  • Bank of Kentucky
  • BB&T Bank
  • Staples
  • David and Marcia Hosea - Hosea Project Movers-  Fort Thomas, KY
  • Charities Guild of Northern Kentucky
  • Bob and Joanne Arnzen- FT Thomas
  • Megan Krieg- Fort Thomas
  •  Fred and Bev Erschell - Fort Thomas
  •  Ed and Lori Gossman -  15 North Pizza - Fort Thomas
  •  Debbie Buckley - Fort Thomas
  •  Linda Sloan - Fort Thomas
  • Advisory Board Member Heather Loyall- Fort Thomas
  • Advisory Board Member Denise McAtee Fenik
  • Otis and Lauren Grigsby- Cincinnati, OH 
  •  Cedrick Michael Cox- Cincinnati, OH
  •  Tamara Weldon - WelDog Services
  •  Robert Running - Fort Thomas
  • Matthew Stieritz - Fort Thomas
  •  Angela Klocke Forbes - Fort Thomas
  • Trent Reed- Columbus, OH
  •  Fort Thomas Matters
  • Jessica Duke- Fort Thomas
  •  Artist Dr. Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman- Fort Thomas       
  • Advisory Board Member- Sandy Nagel- Fort Thomas
  • Mike and Heidi Vermeil- Fort Thomas
  • Dr. Parrish and  Sharahn Monk- Union, KY
  • Albert W. Collins- Nashville
  • Andre Monroe- St. Louis, MO
  • Artist Corey Bjarnson - Bjarnson Fine Art
  • Andi Eastwood- Union, KY
  • Raymond and Peggy Monk- Knoxville
  • John and Tara  Monk- Knoxville, TN
  • Selma Norton- Knoxville, TN 
  • Delores Mitchell- Knoxville, TN
  • Natalie McDonald- Kentucky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Karrick- St. Louis, MO
  •  Laurie Henry- Cincinnati 
  • Jordan Young- Kentucky
  • Dee Dee Butcher- Circle of Hope Artisans - Bellevue, KY

While we are mostly financially self-sufficient we still need your generosity and donations.  We are working on two major projects in 2017.

1. We are renovating and creating a new gallery space and new studio spaces upstairs above the restaurant and main gallery as well as renovating a space to become a  new, larger, state-of-the-art classroom and artists’ resource center.  We are seeking individual donors and/or corporate sponsors to “buy” and “name” and help us complete the space.

2. we are opening up a new retail space in Covington in Spring 2017 in order to help our members access better sales opportunities and new clients.  We will be starting from scratch!

Here’s a list of what would be helpful:

To maintain our transparency as a public organization and build trust among our supporters and partners here are our estimated Operating Expenses in our new space:

Rent/Lease $800 per month

Utilities (Gas/Electric)  estimated $225 per month

Internet and combined phone services  appx $210 per month

Office supplies $60 -$80 per month

Point of Sale system, CC fees, equipment lease from Vantiv  appx. $146 per month 

Website maintenance and  associated fees from GoDaddy $28.00 per month 


How Your Donations Help

INKAA Education Program, Inc., is a federally recognized 510c3 charitable organization and is registered as a non-profit art education organization in the State of Kentucky. As a result, our services and programs are funded through various streams. However, in accordance with our business plan, our organization is designed to become self-sufficient within 4 years and derives the majority of its funding from its art sales, fees for classes, space rental and small donations.   

With your donation, you help us to enrich our community through the arts in the following ways: 

  • INKAA creates entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs for artists and artisans in the Greater Cincinnati with an emphasis on providing support for independent artists and artisans
  • We provide free art business classes, support, and mentorship to independent artists and artisans
  • INKAA is a resource center for individual artists and artisans that assist them with entering competitions, exhibits, and art fairs
  • The Art House provides a creative environment that allows creatives to participate in the exchange of ideas, to meet other artist, connect with mentors, and promote the sales of their artwork 
  • INKAA researches opportunities to help creatives access the local and global arts marketplace and new customers
  • We incorporate a unique, synthesized business model that utilizes the talents, skills, resources, and experiences of affiliated collaborative members to help empower each of our artists and artisans and to generate entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Our business model incorporates reciprocal relationships with interns providing them with opportunities for growth within their major or field of interest 
  • We provide new start-ups and arts-based businesses and grass-root community organizations an opportunity to start their own businesses with INKAA’s support within our space 
  • We provide inclusive art classes for youth including individuals with special needs through our Artism program
  • We provide collaborative opportunities for community organizations to explore the arts through our KY-mmunity program
  • We provide an inclusive creative space to help artists and artisans sell their work which has resulted in a very diverse group of creatives represented  and affiliated by INKAA
  • We create free websites and social media content for artists and artisans
  • We provide in-house and external, group and private art lessons, pottery classes, and crafting classes
  • We provide free art studio space and display space rental for local artists and artisans
  • Hosting special events, art parties, and regular wine and paint parties. 

2014 to 2015 Donors and Supporters during our start-up and growth phases