The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

                       What have we been up to since our inception?

  • Since incorporating in August 2014 INKAA Education Program opened the Art House in Fort Thomas on 15 November 2014. The Art House is located at 19 N. Fort Thomas Avenue Fort Thomas, Kentucky. It is a beautiful three story, newly renovated, 100 years old brick building that is approximately 3000 square feet. 
  • We are a volunteer run organization with no paid staff. 
  • Up-to-date the Art House host approximately 18 small art related businesses as partners and over 70 local independent artists and artisans have their creations at the Art House.
  • The Art House space is shared by over 5 organizations giving them the space to develop and grow including: Young Rembrandts, Gallery to Go, EverSpark, Random Acts of Art, RiverSpan Arts Alliance, and the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program, Inc. (INKAA)-the founding organization behind the Art House in Fort Thomas.
  • We have provided art studio space to 8 artists on the third floor space of the Art House.  
  • We have helped independent artists create 7 officially registered small businesses in Kentucky and Ohio.
  • We have connected our members with buyers, new customers, and new collectors thereby increasing sales and revenue for our artists and artisans.
  • We have donated goods and services to help over 10 local organizations and fundraising campaigns for various good causes including: Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Mommy Has Breast Cancer, Inc., Pink Ribbon Girls, the American Cancer Society, the Brighton Center, Moyer Elementary School, Catholic Charities SW Ohio, Pets in Need (Petcasso 2015), the Humane Society, the KASSIE Project.
  • We have provided free art classes for pre-school children on a weekly basis through our  Mommy and Me program and KY-mmunity Outreach initiatives. We have served over 76 youth under the age of 6 in less than a year.
  • We have provided free small group and private art lesson with master artists for children and teenagers once a week through the Creative Corner. The age ranges have been 6 to 17 years old.
  • We have hosted various art classes ranging from crocheting to jewelry making to pottery glazing averaging three times a month in various forms including our most popular Dine and Design events.
  • We host a weekly art program for 4 to 11 homeschooled children from the community. This class is taught by one of our volunteers-Annie Brown. 
  • We have created an inclusive art initiative called Artism that regularly serves 6 individuals with special needs and over 15 parents, guardians, teachers, and caretakers of individuals with special needs. Several of our emerging artists are on the Autism Spectrum.
  • We have hosted 6 art business seminars by bringing in experts and guest speakers from the world of art to speak to established, emerging, and aspiring artists and artisans about the art world and the business side of art.
  • We have built websites and social media sites for 5 independent artists and artisans. Here is an example: .
  • We regularly research and submit applications for competitions, shows, scholarships, grants, fellowships, apprenticeships, and special events on behalf of our collaborative members.
  • We have developed a cadre of accomplished artists and artisan as mentors and have begun pairing them together with emerging artist at the Art House.
  • We have hosted 15 themed art shows that were curated by the members and were well attended by the public.
  • We have increased traffic from around the region to the Fort Thomas area as well as enhanced the public’s interest in art, the business side of art, and understanding the creative side of producing art.
  • ​We regularly collaborate and work with other community organizations, organizational leaders, businesses, and business owners including: the Boone County Visual Arts Society; the Highlands United Church of Christ with Pastor Ryan Byers;Gallery to Go and owner Chris Franzen Smith; EverSpark owned by Kristie Dierig; RiverSpan Regional Arts Alliancewith Executive Director Bruce Olson;  various Fort Thomas home schooled groups; the City of Fort Thomas; Bowman's Framing and Art owned by Ken Bowman; Hiudt Unlimited owned by artist Brie Hiudt; and the Art Institute of Cincinnati College of Graphic Design and the Children's Art Academy of Fort Thomas owned by John and Cyndi Mendel;
  • ​We regularly connect artists and artisans with other galleries and boutiques including; Under the Stars in Batavia Ohio, the Scene Ultra Loungein Cincinnati, and Circle of Hope Artisans in Bellevue Kentucky; 
  • ​We worked with community leaders, businesses, and the City of Fort Thomas to create a successful seasonal fine arts and crafts art walk event called Art Around Towne ( This was Fort Thomas' first official community art walk event. 
  • ​We worked with the Brighton Centeron their 50th Anniversary celebration to create a unique, community wide art project that reflects the positive impact that the Brighton Center has had on the individuals, families, and communities which they serve.
  • ​We donated 10% of our sales from Black Friday until Christmas 2015 to the Highlands High School's Prom to Dawn efforts
  • ​We collaborated with the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary 19 to raise funds for veterans at the Fort Thomas VA Hospital.
  • ​We collaborated with the Fort Thomas Independent School district  and its art teachers to be part host of the Annual  District Art Show in April 2016. This event featured over 120 young artist.
  • We are helping to organize, sponsor and facilitate the second annual 2016  Art Around Towne art walk in Fort Thomas. This event is one of the largest community art walks in the Northern Kentucky area and is hosted every third Friday from June to August. 
  • ​We have joined forces with Inspirado @the Madison Gallery and are currently renovating our new space above Inspirado restaurant at the Madison Gallery.
  • We have partnered with the LGBQT community to host regular spoken word, poetry, and open mics events at the Madison Gallery
  • In November/December 2016 we partnered with the City of Covington for their Pop-Up Covington and Shop Small initiative by opening Pike Street Maker's Mart.  
  • We closed out the 2016 fiscal year with over $43,470 in art sales through the gallery, art fairs, special events, and/or the Pike Street Maker's Mart. 
  • We co-hosted an event at 21-C Hotel and raised funds for Cincinnati Chilrdren's Hospital Starshine Hospice and Palative Care program.
  • January 2017 the collaborative decided to help raise funds during the first quarter for: the Brighton  Recovery Center for Women, Starshine Hospice at Children's Hospital, and Dina Aliota, one of our artists with terminal cancer.  
  • August 2017 Donated clothing, shoes and purses to the Brighton Recovery Center for Women
  • October 2017 Donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • October 2017 Donated art to help raise funds for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.
  • ​November 17 We opened a temporary pop-up shop in Covington called the Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop
  • ​January 6, 2018 INKAA made donations to the 12th annual Sandmann Toy Dive supporting the Women's Crisis Center.
  •  January 6, 2018  INKAA host Cub Scouts Troop to help them earn their art badges