The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

Who Are We? 

​Located across the Ohio river from downtown Cincinnati Ohio in Covington Kentucky's arts district, The Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop is cooperatively runcontemporary visual-arts space, art gallery, gift shop, art education program and art business incubator whose primary focus is to help empower and support local emerging and aspiring artists, artisans and small creative businesses.  

Created and managed by the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Program, Inc. 501c-3 (INKAA), the Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop 2017 pop-up represented a diverse, cooperatively run, not-for-profit artist cooperative with over 19 participating members ranging from emerging artists to established artists; from artisans to craftsmen; and independent artists to small creative business owners. 

Consistent with INKAA's primary mission and objectives, the Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop pop-up shop was less concerned with art sales or art shows and more concerned with the real, lasting,  positive impact  on local artists and artisans as successful entrepreneurs. We did really well in our temporary space.


We were open from 11/20/17 to 12/22/17.  Here's what we did and what we are hoping to repeat again but permanently in the same space staring in March 2018

The Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop pop-up shop (2017, year two) 

From 11/20/17 to 12/22/17 we generated approximately $5,600 in sales. 90% of the sales went to the individual artists and artisans. 10% went back to INKAA to cover rent, supplies, utilities and other associated business costs.

Several of our artists were able to host pottery glazing parties and paint parties to generate extra revenue for themselves.

Several of our members were able to secure other outside commissions and future opportunities including custom artwork, working on illustrations for a children book, connecting with other galleries, and securing an internship with another gallery.   

​We were also able to have 4 members of the cooperative participate in the Covington Night Bizarre. This two-day event allowed our cooperative members to obtain extra revenue. 

INKAA via the Lux Art gallery was able to donate money and art to several worthy causes in the neighborhood.    

​INKAA has added several new prospective cooperative members interested in future opportunities with INKAA and the Lux Art Gallery 

This past year, as with 2016, we had a very diverse group of creatives.  Although there are more associated cooperative members with INKAA there were only 19 artists and artisans in this year’s (2017’s) Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop pop-up shop in Covington. We had:

  • All local artists and artisans from the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area
  • 7 Cincinnati artists, 2 Hamilton artists, 10 Northern Kentucky artists
  • 13 women and 6 men
  • 70% of our cooperative members were minorities
  • 6 registered and incorporated small businesses from Ohio and Kentucky were represented at the Lux Art Gallery and Gift Shop
  • Painters, sculptors, jewelry designers, fiber artists, potters, children’s book authors, woodworkers, clothing designers et cetera
  • Established, emerging and aspiring artists ages 17 to 73
  • Independent working artists and artisans, small business owners, full-time artists and part-time artists
  • ​An estimated 680-740 visitors within during our time being open 

Our Impact