The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program



P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art gift shop, P-art education...ALL COOPERATIVE!

                                                                Our Story

Independent artists and artisans often face genuine obstacles when seeking support, resources, opportunities, and the funding necessary to continue their work, achieve success, and realize their dreams. A lot of artists and artisans struggle with the "business side" of the art world. Most artists and artisans just want to create and not be distracted by other concerns such as building websites, social media, marketing et cetera. Coupled with the human element (e.g. attitudes and perceptions concerning defining art, art quality, aesthetics, emotional impact of art, utilitarian purposes of art, purchasing unnecessary art et cetera) becoming a successful artist or artisan can be challenging even when a measure of individual success has no monetary value attached to it. However, art is all around us all the time on the walls of our personal spaces or even present in the packaging and design of consumer products that we use on a daily basis. There seems to be a disconnect about this fact; some believe that art is only for home décor. Yet, we continue to live in a society that perpetuates myths and misconceptions about art as a profession and artists as professionals. In essence, arts based industries are flourishing and growing and the days of success in the art world coming after one dies or has spent decades in the art world are gone. Independent creatives can now work towards achieving success without having to hold back or repress their creativity. However, there can be a lot of complicated parts to becoming a successful artists or artisan.

For example, like many human endeavors the realities of the 'business side' of the art marketplace often places undue strain, stress, and barriers upon creatives that sometime gets in the way of artists and artisans achieving their dreams and successes. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that the difference between a successful artist and the proverbial 'starving artist' is often a combination of factors with access to market opportunities and increased exposure being primary obstacles for many artists. Consider any creative work or person considered to be an artist-whether they are a musician, dancer, clothing designer, architect, culinary artists, athlete or writer; there are always very talented people that never get the chance to realize their dreams or achieve success. Fortunately, the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program (INKAA) is seeking to be one conduit to help bridge that gap of success for independent artists and artisans on an individual basis through education, mentoring, and the provision of critical support services.  

Our mission, objectives, and goals are aligned and focused on making INKAA stand true to its motto reflecting what we are: "P-art business incubator, P-art gallery, P-art artisan retail shop, P-art education, All cooperative".   We serve as dedicated partners and as a support system for established, emerging, and aspiring independent artists and artisans in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.